You would not believe what is the main reason behind online bullying!

Children and teens with foul language: are the computer games really the reason?

 Some years ago a university report shown that being exposed to swearing and foul language on TV, movies or video games are linked to aggression in teens.

Are the games really dangerous?

We shall keep in mind that one doesn’t go to a movie, there hears a bad word or two, and then goes to massacre in a school. But hearing and then exercising profanity and bad words could be a start toward a more aggressive behavior.


A recent research shed light upon it. The research “revealed a positive association between exposure to profanity in multiple forms of media and beliefs about profanity, profanity use, and engagement in physical and relational aggression.”

But these research and everyday occurrences are valid only in broader term of “media” and not specifically in the field of computer games!

Understanding the aggression

Most parents frequently feel helpless about their child(ren)’s aggressive behavior because they don’t know how to tackle aggressivity. Aggression – together with other emotions – is natural. It helps the living beings to survive, to look into the eyes of the danger instead of running away. But what’s useful in the wilderness not necessary useful in a human society.

The other main reason of aggression is frustration. Something dreadful is happening in our life, or we may be getting bullied or having troubles, or we find our life unmanageable. Whatever the cause we are struggling to manage our anger and emotions – and it’s true to young and adult too.

Why the swearing and bullying on chat?

The evolution of gaming and online communication came along with the evolution of software, hardware and the speed of the connection. Nowadays almost every game sites allow us to connect with gamers around the world and engage in conversations while we play many different games together, or chill between two rounds.

The online chat is a great way to have a conversation with someone in a manner that is similar to being face-to-face. But the problem is that lot of people – young and adult too – forgets the manner.

The anonymity, the relative lack of consequences, the “hide behind the bars and bully the weak” mentality cause a violent mixture. Fueled by the frustration-based aggressive behavior results in extreme violent language and hostility against other persons.


How to defend yourself online?

“Cyberbullying is repeatedly harassing, embarrassing or threatening another person online. This can include exposing photos, emails, social media posts and more.”

Keep in mind that cyber bullying could happen on almost every online page. In several cases it’s not against you however anybody could be the victim of it. The messages, however thoughtless, baseless or false they may be, often cause a real emotional impact.

Act like an adult

What makes an adult? Responsibility, integrity and respect: respect to others and toward themselves. No matter what a bullies excuses are for bullying you, always remember, that you shall respect yourself. What they say is rubbish and nonsense.

They want to hurt you, to ruin your integrity. Do not let them!

Leave the chat room immediately. Do not fight. It’s not running away nor cowardice. Leaving behind the abuser is an adult act.

And always remember: you are not alone!

There are several anonym online websites where you can ask help. Do it! Adults often ask help from others in case of danger or trouble.

Here are some links:





The national safety project is created to help put a stop to cyber bullying.
 Dr. Keenan has created this guide on How to Deal with Cyberbullying & Substance Abuse:


It’s not the video games or online networks which cause cyber bullying and foul language of teens. They would do it anyway because other reasons: frustration, bad language of different mediums and bad patterns. Just walk around a schoolyard…video games and online chats just made it easier to bully each other, but the root of the problem is in human nature, not our games 🙂


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