Top 7 Skins for Minecraft

Top 7 Skins for Minecraft


In this article we have collected for you the top skins for Minecraft from cult films. Some of these films are old, the other ones are new. But still, everybody knows them. So, why not to play with the characters of the films in Minecraft and to fill yourself in that atmosphere?

Indiana Jones

Thirty-sixth year of the last century. Over Europe, and not only on it the real threat of the “brown plague” begin to hover, the world is feverish from the premonition of a close war. An archeological scientist and part-time specialty in the occult sciences, Indiana Jones conducts research in South America, where he is found by intelligence agents of the United States. The man gets the task – to find and deliver the magical artifact of the Jews of the Ark of the Covenant. However, Hitler’s residents also follow the trail of relics, capable of making any army invincible.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

John and Jane Smith seem like an ordinary married couple who lives a normal life in the suburbs. But in reality, each of them is an experienced killer. They work for different companies, so they hide their vocations from each other. But one day they is given the same order for murder, and the couple are facing each other right on the job. Now each of them has a choice, either to kill the spouse and save the job or to stay together and hide from the mercenaries who will pursue them around the world.


For fifteen years seismologist, Joe Brody tried to prove that the earthquake at the nuclear power plant in which his wife died was caused by the activity of a huge prehistoric creature. He was not taken seriously until the moment when monsters feeding on radiation began to hatch on classified military bases. The military is throwing all its forces into the fight against aggressive kaizi stolen nuclear warheads, but the final chord in this fight is destined to another prehistoric giant living in the depths of the ocean depths.

007: Coordinates “Skyfall”

A fascinating thriller from the Kibbondiana series. Daniel Craig, who plays the role of the English superspy, is entrusted with saving the disk with data about all MI6 agents undercover. He succeeds, but during a fight with a mercenary, Bond, mistakenly shot by his partner Yves, falls off the bridge. Terrorists, having got hold of the disk, promise to disclose 5 agents a week, exposing their lives to mortal danger. Chief Bond M, considering him dead, cannot allow such a failure. However, something from her past may prevent her from doing it…


Patience – an ordinary “gray mouse” and a designer who works in a large cosmetic company. This firm just wants to start releasing a new line of modern tools. However, not everything is so radiant, because the preparations turned out to be a surprise. And the heroine accidentally finds out about it. As a result, she is thrown into the sewer, where she dies. Then she is resurrected by some Egyptian cat, after which she notices new abilities in herself. The woman becomes flexible and dexterous. Now she is ready to expose the scammers of the hated corporation.


The most delightful age is nineteen years old, right? But only if you are not chased by a frenzied car in order to destroy you without a trace. Sarah Connor had a heavy lot: far in the future, it was she who would become the elected mother, who would be able to defeat the ruthless artificial intelligence and tear the bonds of slavery from all humankind. And in order that not to happen, sophisticated opponent sent to the past Terminator to kill the girl. Praying for mercy is meaningless. But an unexpected love can protect even from inevitable death.


The film unfolds in 2029. Mutants are on the verge of extinction. The exhausted Logan takes care of the sick Professor X in the refuge on the Mexican border. Logan gets old and understands that his ability to regenerate is becoming weaker every day. He is trying to hide from the world, but all his plans are crumbling with the advent of a young mutant girl named Laura, pursued by dark forces. Risking everything, Logan decides to get involved in another battle.

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