This is why Minecrafters are much smarter than the average gamer

Have you ever wondered what the conveniences are to gaming? There are many cognitive benefits of playing video games, for example gamers are known to have faster reaction times and better hand eye coordination than those who do not play games. Gaming is an overall fun experience, here’s some reasons why Minecraft is a great game, and why it contains the best gamers

CREATIVE MODE: Minecraft enhances and allows players to express their creativity. The game is known to be as your own “SandBox” you can make whatever cube creation you want out of the materials they offer in creative mode! The possibilities are pretty much endless. From fancy palaces to medieval fortresses, the fact that there’s no limit, it peeks a lot of the architectural interests players may have. You can design your builds and find many techniques and styles that you’d love to use. Many people use it for starters if they want to be a true architect one day, it’s fun practise and with all the things you can create, the game can’t get boring because there is just so much to do.

REDSTONE: Redstone contraptions allow a player to test their knowledge on how easy you can make your minecraft life easier. Redstone contraptions can be compared to basic coding, in game there’s a block that you can arrange in certain patterns that sends “electrical currents” and triggers certain mechanics ingame and can make your minecraft experience more fulfilling if you like to challenge yourself. “Think of each command block as a line of code, the more command blocks the more complex the program is.” With redstone, people can make “circuits” and contraptions to do cool things and is a great tool for automatic machines if you’re too lazy to do them yourself, sometimes you run into problems with redstone, such as your contraptions just not working because maybe a repeater is on the wrong tick, which is similar to coding since there are many instances of where you have to trial and error when coding.

Minecraft doesn’t necessarily require but allows players to explore challenges (such as redstone, and building exquisite structures to test your creativity) and requires the use of your brain more than other games. It’s a great game to get your mind working. Which is why minecrafters are usually smarter than the average gamer.

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