The Inventor of Minecraft Ranks Plans to Launch an Anti-Pedophile AI System

A good cause!

MONMAN11, the original inventor of Minecraft “Ranks” and the whole methodology of server monetization announced his new cutting-edge project:

“Minecraft server owners have always struggled with trolls, bullies and sexual content.
Yes, we warn then ban users for sexual chat or visual content, but 99% of our users are minors and this is the normal procedure on all servers by now. But when an adult abuses a kid, that is a completely different topic!
I want to make a big step ahead and create an AI system that will filter adults who communicate sexual content to kids in-game. I will develop the (now pre-alpha) system and test it on Minecraft servers first, but my goal is to implement this engine/system into all online multiplayer games and platforms.
I will share more details soon, please follow my Twitter¬†here.”


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