The dark side of Minecraft: shocking stories from a 14 year old gamer

I was at my friend’s house for a barbeque last weekend, I found myself talking to his 14 year old son about video games which led to Minecraft. He mentioned some disturbing things making me realize how Minecraft wasn’t just a fun block game for kids… here’s his story:

The problem with online games is less of the gameplay and more of dealing with people on them. The game may be simple but every player is another person with their own set of beliefs and ideas. Many online games have a chat system to which people can usually communicate with their teams about things such as plans for the game they’re playing. But many gamers take advantage of the chat system and use it to potentially try to verbally harm and/or make fun of someone. In a game like Minecraft, which gives players absolute freedom, some players are bound to take advantage of the free style play that Minecraft gives, and since in Minecraft multiplayer there isn’t many goals you must achieve like in many games, since Minecraft is a sandbox, people can really take their time to annoy you and continue to say vurgular things until one leaves, build inappropriate structures, and even the server staff can abuse, which means abuse their “staff powers” and use commands to make other players’ gameplay unenjoyable.

“One time I was playing on my favorite server and came across these two staff members arguing with each other about what is the right punishment for racism, they continued it on by threatening each other in ways where it goes against the rules that they are supposed to enforce and because they are staff, they get away with saying these things and don’t receive punishments. Many staff members act hypocritical towards regular players because they think they’re superior and don’t need to follow the rules like the rest of the server. In many instances the staff who tilts the most first usually abuses and bans the other person he/she is arguing with and ends up banning the rest of the server because they know they’re going to get demoted after doing such act. I remember another time where I was just wandering around the build world and have ran into multiple instances of sexual and inappropriate builds, also many instances of players using chat to say nasty and vurgular things, spreading hate such as racism, stuff like that. It’s just filled with so many toxic players, especially on servers like are based around PvP. I used to PvP a lot and over half the time it was people saying hate comments because they got killed and thought it was unfair, or angry that they’re getting killed multiple times. I got called a stupid n***r one time for killing someone’s friend and they’d try to harass and be rude to me whenever I was on since I guess they had nothing better to do with their lives, they’d get the whole server to make fun of me in some way to which I didn’t really give a damn about since they don’t know me on a personal level so the others can’t really say anything to hurt me but it made me realize that people online can be cruel and merciless and won’t even realize what they are doing to others and it’s honestly sad that people would go out of their ways to try to make someone feel like shit on a friendly game like minecraft, made for kids to have fun. Minecraft isn’t really a “kid” game because most kids who join multiplayer usually get made fun of for being so young and the teenagers who play just try to bully them and make them leave. The basis is, since Minecraft is a open and free game (sandbox game), and offers almost an endless amount of freedom with no censors, some players will take advantage of it and try to ruin the gameplay for others.”


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