MonHUB Rules

Friendly Reminder:

The staff of MonHub work really hard to make sure you have an enjoyable time. In saying that, please be sure you do not make the life of a staff member harder by breaking any of the rules listed, or any of the common sense rules.

Permanent HUB bans will not be undone, and purchasing an unban may not give you an unban from the hub under some circumstances.


Advertising includes server IP’s, Bans and Realms, nor are fake IPs or domains allowed. Fake IP addresses are any random made up numbers that are designed to look like an IP address, or a local IP address (eg Fake domains include any random combination of words or letters, anything that is designed to look like it could be a server or IP address.

Can be found in the form of:

  • Chat
  • Private Message
  • Signs
  • Builds
  • Books
  • Youtube Links

Selling digital or physical goods through any of our servers is also prohibited.


Refunds on store items are NOT Allowed.

Once something from the store is purchased, it is yours. You cannot refund it, for the money you used to purchase it has already gone toward the server. Threatening to chargeback payments from monman11 is not only not allowed, but if pursued, illegal. Our management team will pursue legal action against people who chargeback.

No Rank Transfers

Ranks purchased on one account will NOT be transferred to another account, so be sure to purchase all ranks on the correct account! We also cannot transfer your rank from one server to another.

No being “rankist”. (Being unkind to others because of a difference between your rank and their rank) This includes:

Making fun of people for being a lower rank.

Forcing people to do things for you, because you are a higher rank.

Hacking (and threats) towards other players or the server

What are DDoSing and Doxing?

DDoS (or Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are where a person or group overwhelms a server or computer by flooding its network with too much traffic. DDoS threats include phrases like “I’m going to knock you offline” and/or “fry your router”. There are many creative ways to threaten DDoSing which will also be punished.

Doxing is where someone releases personal information about another person for other people.

Both doxing and DDoSing are highly illegal and severe punishments will be given to anyone who breaks this rule.

Hacking threats are threats directed toward the server, intended to induce fear for others, or to legitimately, threaten to hack the server or another player. Threats to hack the server, its staff or owners will be taken very seriously and will also be severely punished

Chat Offences

Chat offences include spamming, excessive use of caps, excessive swearing, overuse of sexual content. These rules will usually result in a kick or mute, however there are four major exceptions to this rule.

Racism is an exception. It is not tolerated by any means. Racist spam, including the ‘N’ word results in an instant permanent ban.

Disrespect towards LGBTQ+ communities is also highly forbidden, and will not at all be tolerated. Any homophobia will result in an instant permanent ban.

Death Threats will be taken very seriously. This means jokingly threatening to kill someone is not allowed either.

Suicide Encouragement is encouraging someone to commit suicide, and is strictly forbidden. This also includes any jokes about suicide, no matter what the intent. This includes ‘kys’ or any intended variants.


  • Permanent ban

Excessive caps is where a player sends a message with more than 3 words or 15 characters in caps, or sending multiple messages with excessive capitalisation.

Excessive sexual content includes repeated sexual jokes, gestures, phrases, or any repeated sexualy related content in chat.

Spam is:

  • repetition of a single message or similar message 3+ times
  • Repeatedly sending messages made up of a combination of any random characters, this includes messages like ‘ttt’ or ‘saweq3’. Any combination of random characters is forbidden.

Chat flood is when, for example, someone uses sentence fragments in chat, and makes multiple lines in chat, to where other messages disappear fairly quickly. Kind of branches off from spam.

Swearing is not allowed to be directed toward anyone.

Staff disrespect, or disrespect towards any player in general is not allowed.

Political Talk is forbidden, especially the kind that incites debate.

Religious Talk including propagating religious beliefs or attacking religious beliefs. There are not to be brought up in chat.

Roleplay in public chat. If you are on Creabuild, keep the actual roleplay within /plot chat.

Hackusating is not allowed. If you suspect someone of hacking, do not announce it in chat, please either report the player to any online staff members with /helpop, or record the suspected player and post video evidence to the Forums.

PvP Rules

PvP is a large part of the gameplay on the MonHUB servers, and as such, we have rules to protect our players against people abusing this system.

Team killing of other players is forbidden. This does not mean avoiding your friends and not killing them, rather it means not attacking a single player in a group. Players team killing will be punished for ruining the experience for other players.

Hacking of any sort is not allowed, although some mods, such as LabyMod and optifine, are allowed. Schematica with print mode and World Download are allowed for Factions. Possessing any sort of hacks for versions 1.8+ are bannable, whether they are active or not. This is for any location on your computer, not just your .minecraft. Any clients 1.7.10 or below are allowed, as they couldn’t be used on monhub servers. Autoclickers are also not allowed. A hacker who is banned on one server, then moves to another server will be banned on any server they log into while being suspicious with the same proof.

Stacked Armor (this applies for servers such as prison). Stacked armor is a glitch in the /shop where you can, as it says in the name, get stacked armor. Stacked armor will allow your armor to basically never break, resulting in an almost undefeatable opponent, also resulting in an unfair advantage.  

Screenshare Staff have the right to ask you at anytime to screenshare with you if they suspect you are hacking, although they are not required to. Screensharing is where the staff are able to use an online video meeting to just see your screen. The staff member CAN directly control your computer, with the screensharer’s consent, or they will instruct you. It will go a lot faster if the staff member is given mouse-control. They will not look through personal information/folders, but will go through the necessary folders to find hacks. Websites such as are sanctioned by Monman11 and you must download the programme to start a meeting. You will then give the Staff member the relevant code in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX for them to join. X = number(s). Staff are allowed to ask players to download programmes such as Everything (a software search engine) and EmEditor are sanctioned from their relevant websites.

Refusal/Evading screenshare is if you log off after they have asked to screen share or refuse by denying or not responding to the relevant Staff member(s) you will face penalty.

Base Glitching e.g. Using Pet’s, Water/Lava glitching to enter a base in Factions.

Spawning withers on Moncraft


  • Permanent ban for all offences above

Glitch Abusing e.g. Glitch using 2 kits aka “Kit Mixing” on Kitpvp, and the “anti kb” glitch on some pvp based servers.

Speed Boots Any rank can OWN speed boots, but cannot use them in a PvP setting.

No disguise, flying, pets, god mode, gamemode, or any other command that would give an unfair advantage toward a default rank. This includes TP killing. If players build traps that involve teleporting victims to them, Staff should ask them to remove them and inform them the TP killing rule. If Staff have made record of a certain player already receiving a previous penalty, they may inflict the next stage of discipline.


Scamming for items on our servers is allowed, with the exception of skyblock. However, scamming for real life items is strictly forbidden.

Building Rules

Structure Offences will require a high ranking staff member to either remove the offensive build or clear the entire plot.

The following items are ALLOWED:

  • Strip clubs (fences, rooms with people stripping etc)
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Date houses/rooms

The following items are FORBIDDEN:

  • Sex clubs (specifically designed for sexual activity not stripping/dancing)
  • Drug Houses
  • Reproductive/Inappropriate Body Parts
  • Anything racist or homophobic

Building lag machines is not allowed. A lag machine is any redstone contraption designed to cause server lag. Note, you are allowed to use redstone, provided it isn’t causing any lag to the server!


  • Permanent ban.

Item Names NO items can be named with anything sexual or disrespectful toward someone else. Be mature when naming your items 🙂

Do not spam staff asking for plots to be cleared You can ask once, and if the answer is “no”, you may not again. Note, this means you cannot ask any other online staff members! If the staff member does not respond, you may continue to ask them via private message, until your question is answered.

Do not spam staff asking for plots to be merged Like the above rule, if a staff member says they will not merge plots, please do not spam them or ask another staff member.

Asking Staff Questions

When a staff member is busy, do not spam them Staff are constantly busy trying to make the server a better place. If you ask a staff to do any of the following and they say ”No”,you can be punished for continuing to ask. If the issue is very important, use the forums to report the issue! Things you cannot continue to ask for after a staff has said “No.”:

  • Money
  • Ranks
  • Plot Merging
  • Buying of a Plot
  • Plot Clearing/Plot Help of Any Kind
  • Any form of teleportation
  • Items
  • Fighting them in PvP
  • Unban
  • Fixing an issue

General behaviour

Please behave in a mature and reasonable fashion while you are playing on all MonHub servers. If a staff member deems your behaviour unacceptable, they are allowed to punish you for it. Behaving in a way that makes other players uncomfortable and is deemed to be negative to the community can be punished.

Forum Rules

These rules only apply to the Forums.

Formatting Rules

Do not use text that is oversized. Large text should only be used for titles. Also, please be reasonable with font colours, do not pick a colour that is unreadable. Staff members are allowed to remove the formatting from your post if it is illegible or annoying.

Voting Rules

When voting, you may ONLY use +1 or -1. Any other votes will not count toward any decision. You are expected to provide a reason behind your vote to encourage the fair use of the voting system.

False Reporting is reporting a player when they are not at fault, with intentions of getting them banned. This may result in a forum ban, depending on itss extremity.

An example of this is posting screenshots that are very old and irrelevant, or posting screenshots of situations that have already been handled. Altering/tampering with screenshots is also another example.

Stay On Topic in a thread! If you have something to say that isn’t anything to do with the topic, either start a private conversation, or create a new thread.

Bumping  is when you post on the thread to bring it back to the top of the list with no real purpose. Do not bump old threads that have no remaining purpose, this is known as ‘necro posting’

Double posting is when you post on a thread and then make another post before anyone else replies. This is why we have an edit button, double posting creates unnecessary spam. Staff members are allowed to merge your posts together if you double post in a thread.

Staff criticism Please reserve constructive criticism of staff members to private messaging the server management team (Staff Managers, Managers, Co-Owners and our Owner).

Drama threads  can start as a normal topic then before you know it, they can turn into an argument. If this does happen, the argument may be deleted. If it is really bad, the thread may be closed. All comments under an thread should be constructive for the topic. Do not create a thread to start a flame war with somebody else.  For example: “Top 5 PvP players on Prison”. This is not needed at all, it is an opinion.

Adding a Rule

If there is a rule you believe should be implemented, feel free to email any member of the management team, or post it in the New Ideas section of the forums.Be sure to explain in vivid detail why you believe that rule should be implemented! All suggested rules will go through a poll with the staff members, before being accepted or declined. Remember, this is your server too, so do not hold back your ideas.

Removing of a Rule

Rules can and will, be removed as deemed fit. Be sure to keep yourself posted on rule changes.