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Skyblock, a server where you can roam through out the skies thriving with all of your friends on your island,
where desolate space fills the atmosphere beyond your tiny little square plot of land.

To create your island use the command /is – the option to create an island will be listed there. Within your island you can have four members in total, including yourself. Make sure you trust that your members won’t grief your island- or that will be bad in the long run.

Your island has a power level, which is very important- if you want to be on the leader boards, you can also complete island challenges/achievements ;
or even visit other people’s islands! You can also use /warp shop to buy materials to benefit the quality appeal of your island.
There is also a PvP arena, for you to fight other members of that server. Donate for really cool, amazing perks- including /fly and /speed. The most important rule though is to always, have fun!

You can connect our SkyBlock server by typing /skyblock in the Main Lobby.

Just join Minecraft Servers HUB Address:  to get into the lobby.