Minecraft Server Prison

Minecraft PRISON:

Prison Handbook!

Run Down:
When you join prison: you start off as rank A- and start with an option of a Basic Kit and perms to your first mine, /warp a

Eventually, after you sell enough materials, you have the option to rankup to the next level, which is done by the command: /rankup.
Ranking up gives you perms to a new kit and a new mine (Rank Kits Stop at R). The goal is to Rank up to Free (you can check all the ranks with the command: /ranks)

Once you get to the rank Free, you have the opportunity to Prestige.

Prestige-ing is when you basically start over, at rank A, but a number appears before your name. So, for your first prestige: [1][A]

When you start your prison experience, you will start off with 1 plot, where you can store items to use in PvP Arenas, or just items that you’re looting to use later. More plots available with: /buy

/plot auto
/plot home

Black Market:
The BlackMarket is where you can buy “illegal” items, depending on your Prison/Donor rank.

The sign to teleport to the Black Market is hidden on a ship at spawn. Once you click this sign, you will be teleported to a room with 7 troll signs, and 1 real sign.
The real sign will take you to the actual Black Market 🙂

Have Fun and Test Your Luck! 😀

Important Warps:
-/warp Shop
-/warp furnaces
-mainly for
-/warp Ranks
-/warp (PrisonRank)
-/warp (DonorRank)

Important Information:
Donators get more perks, like better kits, better warps, etc. So, be sure to donate with /buy, or at

Also, all rules for the server are reached thru /rules.


If you still have important questions, juat ask a Staff Member!

Most Important:
Make to not bother staff with obvious questions! Players know most answers for you basic questions.

Minecraft Servers HUB IP: