My life wasn’t that interesting, until I got into a little game called Minecraft

Adam’s Story

“My life wasn’t that interesting, until I got into a little game called Minecraft.

When I was 8 I got my first laptop, I remember begging to my parents for one cause I used to play Minecraft on the Xbox, then I found out it was for PC too, I was begging for months and I finally got it around my birthday next to it was a Minecraft code to play.

The laptop was nothing special, it was just a standard and generic Macbook, good enough to run Minecraft and some other games. The second I got it, I ran to my uncle who knows a lot about computers and laptops. He set everything up for me, and that was it. I load Minecraft and try out single player, I played with my friend for a bit, it was so much better and more updated than the Xbox version. My friend mentioned I could play online with a bunch of people.

The second I heard that, we looked up server IP-s, and I found a server called I played it once, and I was instantly hooked, just loving the community and the servers they had on it, I tried out some other servers too, Skywars was probably my favorite game, it’s so competitive but so much fun too. Minecraft was such an addicting game, I eventually found myself playing for over 12 hours a day, ended up shutting the rest of the world out, it was just me and the computer, which was used only for Minecraft. I was so hooked, I started hating school more than I did cause it took out my gaming time, I nearly ended up failing all my classes.

I got quiet, I didn’t socialize with people as much because everything was simple in game, I remember locking myself in my room for so long ignoring everyone in the real world. This continued for a couple weeks until my parents got sick of me always locked in my room they decided to sign me up for this club in the library, where we met once a week and talked about a book and what we read, etc. It was horrible and I despised every second of it. They didn’t really understand how Minecraft was much more than they thought.

While they thought I was playing a good for nothing game, my creativity got better because of all the buildings I made, my thought process and problem solving skills were developed through redstone contraptions and learning how things worked and how compact/efficient I could make them, since there are many more mechanics than you can imagine, and many ways to do something, it’s a game of what is the most efficient and compact contraption can I build.

I even started to learn how to code plugins, I wanted to be a part of what made Minecraft so great and wanted to give back to the community and let players feel the enjoyment and excitement I felt when I started playing the game, somewhere you could call home because it’s more like home than your real home. That’s what Minecraft is to me, a doorway to a secret place where it’s just me and my friends and nothing can really interfere with it, all my problems are gone and I just feel as if I’m home when playing.

I wanted to share that with other people so I learned about networking, Java, JavaScript, C#, even some Unity and Python. Then, I came up with my own server, I made custom plugins for it, and I made sure everything was perfect. I gained 30 players the first day, not a bad start, everything added up, people suggested things and I tried them out, and gained more players who suggested more things too, it was a fun cycle. But, I wanted more than just some server on Minecraft.

I decided to look into coding some more and applied for a job at a big server that involved all that. The more I played Minecraft, the more I learned stuff along the way without knowing it. It was just an open world game, nothing much. But when you get in depth there’s so much to learn and do on it, it’s like I am taking classes but having fun doing it. Everything was done on my own terms and I got to choose what times I want to do it, that’s what I liked most, having control in what I learned.

It brought me further than I ever imagined. From a game I played when I was 8 years old, to finding freelancer jobs and coding my own programs and games. I owe it all to a little game called Minecraft. Now I am 14 and I already earn around $7000 a month…


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