Interesting facts about Minecraft

The game was created in just six days. In 2009, Swedish programmer and designer Markus Persson set out to create a sandbox game; one that allows for free and organic exploration of a virtual world; for the launch of his new company, Mojang AB. Persson began work on what is now Minecraft on May 10 of that year, amending the product in increments until May 16. The “alpha version” of Minecraft made its public debut the very next day.

The game itself wasnt actually deemed as being complete for another two years after its release. When Persson kicked off the development process, he referred to the project as “Cave Game.” The name was soon changed to Minecraft: Order of the Stone, and, ultimately, just Minecraft.


Minecraft was actually inspired by a series of other games. Minecraft’s creator has heralded PC video games Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and Infiniminer as the primary influences for Minecraft. Persson has expressed particular esteem for Infiniminer, stating that he wanted to match its aesthetic charm with RPG-style game play.

One of Minecraft’s stranger native species is the creeper, an electrically charged predator with a haunting mug. Persson didn’t actually set out to design such a monster; he was trying to create a pig, but accidentally switched the figures for desired height and length when inputting the code. The result was the monstrosity that players know and love. This was all a result of a coding error.

The Enderman language is the english language in reverse. Another haunting Minecraft species is the Enderman. While this creature’s speech is nearly incomprehensible to the human ear, most of its exclamations are in fact English words and phrases (including “hiya,” “here,” “this way,” “forever,” and “what’s up?”) played backwards or lowered in pitch.


The Ghasts in the game are voiced by a sleeping cat. One other Minecraft monster owes its vocal rumblings to a real world creature. Any player will recognize the high-pitched whine of the ghast, the game’s resident block-shaped fire breather. These sounds are actually the result of an accidental audio recording of Minecraft music producer Daniel Rosenfeld’s cat as it was suddenly awakened from a nap. Rosenfeld originally planned to have his cat voice the game’s ocelots, too, but was only successful in eliciting a meow mixed with a purr and ended up having to download real ocelot audio.

Minecraft has been used as a staple in schools all around the world. In 2013, the Viktor Rydberg secondary school in Stockholm introduced Minecraft as a mandatory part of its curriculum for all of its 13-year-old students. A teacher explained what made the game worthwhile for students: “They learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done, and even how to plan for the future.” Sweden’s neighbor to the south has touted an even more impressive affection for Minecraft. In 2014, state employees Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjørn Nielsen of the Danish Geodata Agency completed a scale replica of the entire nation of Denmark within the digital world-building game to help drive interest in geographic data.

Even though the game is declared to be limitless, the game has actually seen its limits. The creators personal avatar is the only avatar in the whole world that drops an apple when he dies.


Every ten thousand times you play the game, it gets its own name wrong. The main title screen switches from “Minecraft” to “Minceraft”

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