Game of Thrones Westeros in Minecraft

A video clip tour has recently become revealed towards WesterosCraft, one amazing Minecraft videos video game server started through artist Jacob Granberry exactly where your big community to Game concerning Thrones lovers own teamed around replicate ones large fictional continent to Westeros thought simply by author George R.R. Martin. Will impressive tour of the digital globe try narrated through none other than Isaac Hempstead-Wright, ones star whom has Bran Stark in HBO‘s prominent video game of Thrones tv series.

Based on the WesterosCraft Wikia web page, all digital map are

“currently several gigs in file size and roughly 22,000 x 59,000 blocks (501.14 square miles), the size of Los Angeles.”

other fans can assistance away aided by the massive create process by visiting as well as putting your sign-up on upward during the WesterosCraft websites.


Jacob Granberry says

“I would say the world is at around 70% completion. Since we last spoke, we’ve developed a custom launcher for the game that comes packed with our WesterosBlocks mod which includes over 50 new custom blocks and textures specifically made for our server. So, we completely repainted our map with new textures, and some of our old builds we are building over bigger, better, and more realistic. That Kings Landing render from a few years ago? Yea, we are remaking that entire city again.”


King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros


The Iron Throne


The Wall at Castle Black of the Night’s Watch


Dreadfort, Seat of House Bolton

Riverrun, Seat of House Tully

Riverrun, Seat of House Tully

Deepwood Motte

Deepwood Motte



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