Global (All 11) Server changes ...
Are you interested in seeing the server change? If so, please vote on the strawpolls below! (I may add more later but for now there are just 2)

Finally, even though it isn't much, Factions has received some small updates to it. Specifics are in the following:

What's new:

1. New Gkit purchasable for January only (Modern Gkit, preview it ingame with /gkit).
2. Ghasts now drop emeralds, Magma Cubes now drop diamonds, and Mushroom Cow's now drop gold (NOTE: Some of these mobs will not drop the item every single time).
3. Creepers will now have a chance to drop TNT but still drop gunpowder.

What's gone:
1. The bug where you can get tons of rows of hearts has been fixed.
2. Ghoul Gkit is no longer purchasable in the store.
3. You can no longer /rtp or /wild out of combat.

What's being worked on:
1. A gui that lists all custom enchants and what they do, how they should be used.
2. Possibly a better invsee command for staff that lists effects, and armor the user is wearing.
3. A much larger update that will fix tinkerer, and possibly add crate drops and many more things.

Most Importantly: If you have a bug, or a suggestion, please report it to a staff member who can report it to me, or report it to me directly!!

We hope you enjoy the small update,

-MonHub Management Team
What's inside?
Ventials wins MonHub's "Christmas Build Comp."
Factions Mod Steps Down
MonHub Staff Team Welcome's back Zx15395
All that and more in Issue 1 of MonHub Weekly Newsletter!

It's in the PDF below!

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Global (All 11) Staff Log 11.18.17
@brandonrocks1 JrMod on KitPvP and Mod on Facs
@Bumbalaaa promoted to JrMod on Survival
@Cappeh has been re-promoted to Architect on Moncraft
@HotelWifi has been re-promoted to JrMod on KitPvP
@BenMP has been promoted to SrMod on Survival
@ReverseDunk has been promoted to Mod on KitPvP


@Liz_Da_Oreo demoted on creabuild from SrMod
@OceanVibes has been demoted on KitPvP
@iPvPz_ has been demoted from SrMod to Mod on KitPvP
PurgeMc_ has been demoted to JrMod on Factions
Global (All 11) Staff Log 11/9/17
It's been several weeks since the last staff log, so here is a rundown of the staff changes since that time. If I miss anyone, PM me and I will look to add you in. This will basically cover most of what has happened in September and October:

To start, we have some resignations:

@HotelWifi has resigned globally

@CJ THE DJ has resigned globally (sadly)

@chopchopdots(TheFazeMax) has resigned from KitPvP and Moncraft.

@pos_ has resigned globally

@Moment resigned on moncraft (ly cj xD)

@Thomas8191 has resigned from Factions

@dfbngfb has resigned from Factions

@SensibleOwl has resigned from his respective servers

@_ItzKenzie_ has resigned on factions and kitpvp

@iEpicGamer_ has resigned from prison

Next some demotions:

@Ashqr has been demoted on Prison and hub-banned

@_Diva_ has been demoted on Prison

@Dragonscale08 has been demoted on Prison

@Chercing has been demoted globally

@BigBoii has been demoted from KitPvP

@OceanVibes has been demoted from Mod to JrMod on Moncraft

@Tryler_ has been demoted from Moncraft

@Josh demoted from Global SrMod to Global JrMod

Deliviser has been demoted on Moncraft from JrMod

xJin has been demoted on KitPvP

Now, what we've been waiting for, the promotions:

@Sanjayy has been promoted to Staff-Manager

@Chase0410 has been promoted to Admin globally

@Purplle has been repromoted back to Mod globally, except for SrMod on Prison and CreaBuild.

@Cappeh has been repromoted back to Architect on CreaBuild

@ReverseDunk has been repromoted to Admin on Moncraft, and JrMod on KitPvP, Creabuild and JrMod on survival...
I know most of you aren’t staff, but I thought this was a pretty big thing! Before I get to that, let me introduce myself, I’m Sanjay the new Staff-Manager. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the prefixes. Prison, CreaBuild, Survival and MonCraft have new “revamped” staff prefixes! The old prefixes didn’t look too visually appealing, so I decided to change the color scheme. If you have an opinion or a suggestion about anything else in general, just ask in my PMs or post a thread in the appropriate section, Thanks!
Hello everyone,

Many bug glitches have just been patched in the factions update, and we will be adding a new item to shop on the 24th of October (Tomorrow)! Our newest gkit will be released, the ghoul gkit! However, a glitch with the tinkerer still is not fixed, so it is disabled for now. Have fun, and look forward to more new features soon.

-Freakoness, MonHub Manager
Global (All 11) A New Manager Arises!
Hello MonHub players!

Recently (as many of you already know), HotelWifi resigned from her position as manager on the MonHub network. The management team and myself decided on our newest Staff Manager, @Sanjayy! Please congratulate him and wish him luck as our newest Staff Manager.

-Freakoness, MonHub Manager
Yes! You saw that correctly! There will be a factions reset some time tomorrow!
Well, you may think that this is completely random and uncalled for, but that is not the case at all! The management team has been preparing tons of new features for you all to enjoy. Like what you may ask, I'll get to that a little further on in this thread.
What will I lose in this reset?
Since this is a reset, you will be losing pretty much everything. Yes, everything. Spawners, money, enderchests, all that. The one thing you will keep however is your ranks, so don't worry about that.
I don't want to lose my stuff, how can I stop this?
Sorry, but there's pretty much no stopping this reset.
What will be added in this reset?
LOTS of new features. Here is a list of some of them:
1. New Spawn
2. New WarZone
3. New Faction Chats and Ally Chats and Truce Chats (/f c)
4. New Faction Warps (You can set faction warps in your territory and put optional passwords on them, costs in-game money)
5. Custom Enchants: probably the most important new feature, special enchants that you can apply to armor, swords, axes, and tools. I won't reveal too much ;)
6. New Auction House, multiple items can be displayed at a time, and can be actually seen.
7. TONS of bug fixes, but with new features comes new bugs, be sure to report bugs in the bug reports section so that we can fix them for you!
8. Crates will now be sold as items you can hold, they aren't stationary.
9. Super Golden Apples Disabled: I know many of you are very surprised to hear this, but we have decided to remove Super Golden Apples from MonHub Factions. With the new custom enchants, super golden apples are not necessary.
10. Kits have been changed up a little bit
11. Donorshop: Yes, finally it has been created! Lord rank + gets access to it.
12. There's more, but that's...