Hello fellow MonHub members! First off, you may notice that I am able to post this and pin it, because I have been promoted to manager.
A lot has changed since the last Promotion/Demotion Log, so here is an updated one!

First off some resignations:
@honalo resigned globally.
@Ventilated resigned globally.
Mallos resigned from Kitpvp.
Next some promotions:
@iEddie repromoted to Global Admin.
@HotelWifi promoted to Global Admin.
_X_Insanity_X_ promoted to Mod on Factions, and JrMod on Kitpvp.
@tintori promoted to Global Mod.
@dfbngfb promoted to Global Admin.
@Blazerkid124 promoted to Creabuild Mod.
@iEpicGamer_ promoted to Prison Mod.
@Thomas8191 promoted to Factions JrMod.
@Partialz promoted to Creabuild JrMod.
@Chercing promoted to Global Architect.
@Sean W. promoted to Global Mod.
NOTE: I may have missed a few staff members, and I apologize if I did, there were a lot of recent promotions.
Global (All 11) New voting system
Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce a new voting system. One that actually works. We've had some issues with the previous one (working on all servers except one, etc.) and I decided to recode it from 0. We replaced the new one this morning (3AM EST, Midnight PST) and I'd like to have your feedback in case something is wrong.

I made a thread where you can let me know if the system failed to give you a reward or at least the "Thanks for voting! :)" message.
Feel free to leave any voting related issues here as well.
Global (All 11) Staff Log 6/2&3/17
@dfbngfb has been globally promoted to SrMod.
@Viljo has been demoted globally.
@_X_Insanity_X_ has been promoted to JrMod on Factions.
@Auph/Trevor has been promoted to JrMod on KitPvP.
@Ventilated has been promoted globally to Mod.
@tintori has been repromoted back to JrMod on Prison.
@HotelWifi has been repromoted back to JrMod on KitPvP.
@_ItzKenzie_ has been repromoted back to JrMod on KitPvP.

That's all for now!
Global (All 11) Staff Log 12/04/17
@iEddie Has been repromoted to admin.
@honalo Has been promoted to Manager.
@tintori Has resigned globally
@imlynxy Has resigned globally.
@Sean W. Has been demoted globally.

Global is slowly being implemented.
Global (All 11) Staff Log 3/4/17
@Ghenji has been demoted to user from Staff Manager.
@Sean W. has been promoted to Moderator on MonCraft and Creabuild.
@iEddie has been demoted to Sr. Mod temporarily.
Jess and Andrew have been demoted and hub-banned.
@CarterMav has been promoted to T-mod on CreaBuild.
@pos_ has been promoted to Jr. Mod on KitPvP.
Rank Requirement for each servers:

  • KitPvP: Titan
  • Factions: VIP
  • Prison: Superior
  • OpSkyblock: Legend
  • Creabuild: VIP
  • Moncraft: Elite-VIP

Absolute minimum requirements for staff:
  • 13 years or older.
  • a donation of some sort (listed ranks above).
  • forums activity.
  • have been on forums for over 1 month.
  • Skype or deemed fit contacting method for staff.
  • Little...
In Game Name:

Real Name

Current Rank



Portfolio of build(s)

What I will build for the server

Official Builder Application format



Global (All 11) Promotion Log 25/2/2017
@NightSweeper promoted to Advanced on Moncraft
@IsaacG37 Promoted to Architect on CreaBuild
_Quackyy Promoted to Architect on KitPvP
@KingLegend Promoted to Moderator on CreaBuild
@HakoSwede Demoted from Moderator on Moncraft
Dear MonHUB people!

SkyBlock has been a great part of our community for a very long time. But now with OPSkyBlock in place too, we had to make a decision and choose which one should go and which one should stay. Since OPSkyBlock is getting more and more popular than the regular one, we decided to close down SkyBlock and move on and improve OPSkyBlock only.

People choose OPSkyBlock over the old one so it's time for us to step up and do the same thing.

SkyBlock will be closing down on Monday (the 13rd of February) and after that, you won't be able to join.

Quick Q&A for the questions I'll most likely get:

  1. Can I get a download for the world so I can play it on singleplayer? No, we can't give you the entire world, sorry :(
  2. If not the entire wold, then just a schematic? We can't do that either cause it would take a lot of time for us. :(
  3. I bought something on skyblock, will I get a compensation on opskyblock? It depends. People who bought ranks for skyblock will get a similar rank for OPSkyBlock.

Have a nice day!
Thomas (MonHUB Co-Owner)