Global (All 11) Staff Log 12/04/17
@iEddie Has been repromoted to admin.
@honalo Has been promoted to Manager.
@tintori Has resigned globally
@imlynxy Has resigned globally.
@Sean W. Has been demoted globally.

Global is slowly being implemented.
Global (All 11) Staff Log 3/4/17
@Ghenji has been demoted to user from Staff Manager.
@Sean W. has been promoted to Moderator on MonCraft and Creabuild.
@iEddie has been demoted to Sr. Mod temporarily.
Jess and Andrew have been demoted and hub-banned.
@CarterMav has been promoted to T-mod on CreaBuild.
@pos_ has been promoted to Jr. Mod on KitPvP.
Rank Requirement for each servers:

  • KitPvP: Titan
  • Factions: VIP
  • Prison: Superior
  • OpSkyblock: Legend
  • Creabuild: VIP
  • Moncraft: Elite-VIP

Absolute minimum requirements for staff:
  • 13 years or older.
  • a donation of some sort (listed ranks above).
  • forums activity.
  • have been on forums for over 1 month.
  • Skype or deemed fit contacting method for staff.
  • Little...
In Game Name:

Real Name

Current Rank



Portfolio of build(s)

What I will build for the server

Official Builder Application format



Global (All 11) Promotion Log 25/2/2017
@NightSweeper promoted to Advanced on Moncraft
@IsaacG37 Promoted to Architect on CreaBuild
_Quackyy Promoted to Architect on KitPvP
@KingLegend Promoted to Moderator on CreaBuild
@HakoSwede Demoted from Moderator on Moncraft
Dear MonHUB people!

SkyBlock has been a great part of our community for a very long time. But now with OPSkyBlock in place too, we had to make a decision and choose which one should go and which one should stay. Since OPSkyBlock is getting more and more popular than the regular one, we decided to close down SkyBlock and move on and improve OPSkyBlock only.

People choose OPSkyBlock over the old one so it's time for us to step up and do the same thing.

SkyBlock will be closing down on Monday (the 13rd of February) and after that, you won't be able to join.

Quick Q&A for the questions I'll most likely get:

  1. Can I get a download for the world so I can play it on singleplayer? No, we can't give you the entire world, sorry :(
  2. If not the entire wold, then just a schematic? We can't do that either cause it would take a lot of time for us. :(
  3. I bought something on skyblock, will I get a compensation on opskyblock? It depends. People who bought ranks for skyblock will get a similar rank for OPSkyBlock.

Have a nice day!
Thomas (MonHUB Co-Owner)
Global (All 11) Promotions
Hello MonHUB,
Its Tradeables here. Today we are looking at some recent promotions.

@AndreHasNoPride Promoted to Head-Admin on Factions & KitPvP.
@kingjohn64 Promoted to Head-Admin on Moncraft.
@SuperDuper promoted to Head-Admin on Prison.
@Theseus Promoted to Head-Admin on CreaBuild.


@SecretFormula1 resigned, and demoted from his ranks, globally.
@UnderEmotional resigned, and demoted from Head-Admin on Factions, and Creabuild Trial Mod.
@iEpicGamer_ resigned from Warden on Prison
@HotelSignals resigned from Moderator on Factions

And me! I am your new Staff Manager, I cant wait to work and lead this server to success, with my time and dedication. Feel free to PM me in game if you see me around, I'm Tradeables. Don't be scared to ask me anything, I don't hurt!
Global (All 11) Recent Problems - MonHUB

It's Tradeables, here or some of you may know me as: Architectz, Dustervi, CocoBae. But here I am, to explain some recent issues, and maybe even some events!

1. Staff Abuse/Sever Grief.

So, around 5 days ago something happened. "Apparently" HotelWifi's account was hacked, (Now banned) and that hacker logged into the account. Now at the time Thomas8191 was resigning from his current position(s), he did not just want to leave. He wanted to leave, in a memorable way, which turned to hell. Back to HotelWifi's account being hacked. "Apparently" that hacker, gave extra perms to the staff-members and players. Thomas8191, used this to his advantage. Many other staff joined in and they started banning, and griefing and destroying the servers. Eventually, players got admin+ permissions, on some of MonHub's servers. Every single server was affected (well most of them). All of the staff/players that attended to this were banned/demoted from their positions. Around 20 staff members, were demoted. INCLUDING HotelWifi, and many, many more staff members. Even the most trusted! Some of these staff members still had perms, so they logged on with VPN's/Alts and continued to ban people from some of the servers. This has now dropped the player count, people are leaving, cause of lost ranks. Griefed servers, or being banned for no reason. We use to have over 150 daily players, this has dropped to 50. This was mayhem. Remember, our current staff team is working extremely hard, to revive this server for you GUYS. But we need you guys, to give us suggestions, keep put with all the work we are doing. But most of you are already doing that, that is one reason why I love and still have faith in this community.

2. Promotions/Phases

GardenGerl To Trial-Mod
Freakoness to Trial-Mod
Thesaurus__ To Admin on Creabuild
VapeAutoClicker To Moderator on Creabuild
KellyR to Trial-Mod on Creabuild
Super_duper_ to Trial-Mod on Creabuild

NOW, since of the griefing and many...
Dear Factions people!

We've been trying to fix the bugs on factions until we came to a point where we realized that fixing every bug and making the factions server into a balanced server, we have to upgrade our plugins which would result in a complete reset. This is what we're about to do.

Who will like this reset? Everyone who wants to play balanced factions without any glitches or issues.
Who will hate this reset? Everyone who can't play factions 100% fairly.

What will change with the reset?
  • Everything will be reset to zero (only exception is ranks. The ranks you bought will stay)
  • The bugs we couldn't fix so far will be gone for good (sorry abusers)
  • The entire server gets a rebalance (to let newcomers enjoy factions as well)
  • New crates with new stuff (again, a bit balanced than they were)
  • Improvements to fight with the lag some players have been experiencing before
  • Less hackers thanks to some improvements in our anticheat
The spawn area will be the same so if you're familiar with the old spawn, you'll know everything you need to get started on the new factions.

When will this reset occur? On this Friday (27th of January) at around 8AM EST.

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to leave them here, I'm more than happy to listen to anything! :)

Good luck with the new server!
Global (All 11) Server Rules
Our server rules have been tweaked and fixed to make reading the rules easier for our players. From now on, this copy of the server rules will be official, and staff punishments will be based on this copy of the rules. You can access our new rules here.

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