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Since the new cut, not a whole lot of staff changes have been made, but there have been a few.
@chopchopdots(TheFazeMax) to JrMod on Creabuild
@Michael Malcolm to JrMod on Survival
@ReverseDunk to Admin on Survival
@CarterMav to Mod on KitPvP.
@Chase0410 temporarily demoted Globally
@Blaze temporarily demoted from Prison
That's all for now!
As of today (2/27/18) we cut the staff team nearly in half. The members kept on the team are listed below.

@Michael Malcolm
@Sean W.

New Updates on Forums:
+ Rules were updated and the "Server Rules" link will now lead you to the correct place.
+ Fixed/Updated thread prefixes
+ Staff applications now private
+ More very soon, stay tuned!
The server is not down, you may need to use to access it rather than for this short period of time.

Thank you.
Are you interested in seeing the server change? If so, please vote on the strawpolls below! (I may add more later but for now there are just 2)

Finally, even though it isn't much, Factions has received some small updates to it. Specifics are in the following:

What's new:

1. New Gkit purchasable for January only (Modern Gkit, preview it ingame with /gkit).
2. Ghasts now drop emeralds, Magma Cubes now drop diamonds, and Mushroom Cow's now drop gold (NOTE: Some of these mobs will not drop the item every single time).
3. Creepers will now have a chance to drop TNT but still drop gunpowder.

What's gone:
1. The bug where you can get tons of rows of hearts has been fixed.
2. Ghoul Gkit is no longer purchasable in the store.
3. You can no longer /rtp or /wild out of combat.

What's being worked on:
1. A gui that lists all custom enchants and what they do, how they should be used.
2. Possibly a better invsee command for staff that lists effects, and armor the user is wearing.
3. A much larger update that will fix tinkerer, and possibly add crate drops and many more things.

Most Importantly: If you have a bug, or a suggestion, please report it to a staff member who can report it to me, or report it to me directly!!

We hope you enjoy the small update,

-MonHub Management Team
Rank Requirement for each servers:

  • KitPvP: Titan
  • Factions: VIP
  • Prison: Superior
  • OpSkyblock: Legend
  • Creabuild: VIP
  • Moncraft: Elite-VIP

Absolute minimum requirements for staff:
  • 13 years or older.
  • a donation of some sort (listed ranks above).
  • forums activity.
  • have been on forums for over 1 month.
  • Skype or deemed fit contacting method for staff.
  • Little...
In Game Name:

Real Name

Current Rank



Portfolio of build(s)

What I will build for the server

Official Builder Application format



Update IP's allowed
Hey guys! My friend SendDaddyNudes recently got reported for saying because well I guess he likes to troll.. Anyways, I came here today to tell you that these are all of the IP's that you are allowed to say in chat without being hub banned.. :p

The Number IP (If you have it)