Ender Dragon changes in Minecraft 1.9

On the off chance that for reasons unknown you play Minecraft to kill “mythical serpents”, then you’ll be intrigued to realize that killing the Ender Dragon is going to change. As indicated by a Tweet by Mojang engineer Nathan Adams, the prospective 1.9 redesign will transform the current Ender Dragon into one all the more nearly taking after the support adaptations. That is not as awful as it sounds, as the reassure Ender Dragon really gloats a larger number of moves than the PC rendition.

Adams additionally guaranteed current players that they’ll have the capacity to bring forth the new Ender Dragon without beginning another diversion.

Bringing the PC Ender Dragon up to speed with his comfort brethren is by all account not the only change reaching the endgame mammoth, however Adams declined to define whatever other points of interest. He additionally implied that fix 1.9 will present other, significantly more critical changes. “Don’t stress,” he composed. “This isn’t everything I’m accomplishing for 1.9. Not by a wide margin, yet I’ll spare the best for some other time.”

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