DiabloCraft Re-Fresh Coming Soon

Minecraft Server – DiabloCraft UPDATE:

Coming soon!

I am very VERY pleased to announce the come back of a Minecraft Server like the old Moncraft, very soon i’ll be completing the transformation of diablo, to change it to a sort of “old moncraft” meaning the following features:
– No Plots (might change this decision)
– Grief Protection
– Cleaner chat!  😀
– A fresh map
– Balanced economy.
– And many minigames.  😛
I will also add a portal in the hub to make sure new players find it easy to navigate to diablo and so diablo can slowly regain it’s popularity.

You can still buy donator ranks on diablo as they won’t be changed during the transformation, donators will get the old moncraft donator features including gamemode 1, you can buy now, then or whenever you want!

If you have any questions please do not pm me, mon, yentel or rosain, comment below and we’ll get to you when we can, we have every right to ignore spam or remove it.

Tom and MON

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