The Inventor of Minecraft Ranks Plans to Launch an Anti-Pedophile AI System

A good cause!

MONMAN11, the original inventor of Minecraft “Ranks” and the whole methodology of server monetization announced his new cutting-edge project:

“Minecraft server owners have always struggled with trolls, bullies and sexual content.
Yes, we warn then ban users for sexual chat or visual content, but 99% of our users are minors and this is the normal procedure on all servers by now. But when an adult abuses a kid, that is a completely different topic!
I want to make a big step ahead and create an AI system that will filter adults who communicate sexual content to kids in-game. I will develop the (now pre-alpha) system and test it on Minecraft servers first, but my goal is to implement this engine/system into all online multiplayer games and platforms.
I will share more details soon, please follow my Twitter here.”



You would not believe what is the main reason behind online bullying!

Children and teens with foul language: are the computer games really the reason?

 Some years ago a university report shown that being exposed to swearing and foul language on TV, movies or video games are linked to aggression in teens.

Are the games really dangerous?

We shall keep in mind that one doesn’t go to a movie, there hears a bad word or two, and then goes to massacre in a school. But hearing and then exercising profanity and bad words could be a start toward a more aggressive behavior.

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Minecraft Server Owners Show Middle Finger to Mojang!

Looks like we are getting to see the final showdown soon!

According to the community Microsoft and Mojang will now have
a rough time enforcing their “unfair and foolish”* EULA!

First off, in case you missed our previous post about
Minecraft Servers, Microsoft and Mojang, check it out below then continue reading:

Many Minecraft PC Server owners are now united to prevent
Mojang’s extremely unprofessional handling of the EULA and prevent them
taking away your freedom of choice when choosing which server you want to play on!

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minecraft breaking news



Mojang, a subsidiary company bought by Microsoft in 2014, is now threatening Minecraft players with blacklisting and possibly legal action too for not following the guidelines established in their EULA.

The developers of the popular game have often had their decisions criticized by their players. From censorship of popular Minecraft Youtubers, to the Billion dollar sale of Minecraft itself. Mojang’s relationship with the community could be described as shaky at best.
Yet, it seems that already fragile relationship is at risk of shattering.

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Is Minecraft A Helpful Tool For Children?

MAY 17, 2009- Markus “Notch” Persson released an independent video game named “Minecraft”. Minecraft is a
game that allows you to build and destroy blocks to survive or use to express your creative designs. With animals, resources, and angry monsters, you can live your own survival game, or create one. Being a videogame that many kids spend the majority of time a day playing, parents do not agree with the idea of Minecraft and say “it’s a waste of time.” However, many believe that Minecraft teaches real-life skills. So, is Minecraft really a helpful tool for children?
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Optifine HD for Minecraft

minecraft optifine-hd-4

OptiFine HD is a mod that helps you to adjust Minecraft effectively. It makes minecraft run more smoothly and use less resources.
Besides, it enables you to run resource (texture) pack HD without installing more other mods.

A perfect choice for personal computers that want to run Mincracraft more smoothly!
This an indispensible mod for those playing Minecraft with features like FPS boost, Support HD Textures, Variable Render Distance, Antialiasing, Connected Textures…

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Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft Texture Packs

Okay, so we can all say we have a favorite texture pack, well at least a majority of us can. Every single texture pack is well crafted and given a unique, individual look. It spices up your creativity and Minecraft look with design. Today, I have listed the top three PC Minecraft texture packs based on the number of downloads and reviews. The texture packs we will be reviewing it Wolfhound Asian, LokiCraft Pure Cartoon,  and Wuggi-Craft.

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Minecraft review

A Young Girl Reviews Minecraft

This is what one of our players, Emily Turner thinks about Minecraft. 
Minecraft Under Review

Many viewed, and reviewed, the game Minecraft on all consoles and devices. Just a review, Minecraft is a game where you mine, build, and craft different kinds of 3D blocks within a large world with reference to varying terrains and habitats to explore. It is a sandbox game, where players create the game by manipulating the world within it. There are no specific steps or goals. That is for the player themselves to do. So, let’s review different perspectives of the game.

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