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Ender Dragon changes in Minecraft 1.9

On the off chance that for reasons unknown you play Minecraft to kill “mythical serpents”, then you’ll be intrigued to realize that killing the Ender Dragon is going to change. As indicated by a Tweet by Mojang engineer Nathan Adams, the prospective 1.9 redesign will transform the current Ender Dragon into one all the more nearly taking after the support adaptations. That is not as awful as it sounds, as the reassure Ender Dragon really gloats a larger number of moves than the PC rendition.Read more



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7 Awesome Minecraft Facts

Minecraft is Mining to your heart

You’ve perhaps heard of Minecraft, the building/exploration online game that’s hijacked our livestreams, hypnotized our children, and usually dominated the whole world throughout the past 5 many years. It’s difficult to think that what started aside because the development of a lone Swedish developer features gone to such stratospheric heights of success – or at minimum it could be, if it wasn’t the key dream of anyone who’s ever set up a duplicate of GameMaker or cracked their knuckles over a Java compiler.Read more