Minecraft review

A Young Girl Reviews Minecraft

This is what one of our players, Emily Turner thinks about Minecraft. 
Minecraft Under Review

Many viewed, and reviewed, the game Minecraft on all consoles and devices. Just a review, Minecraft is a game where you mine, build, and craft different kinds of 3D blocks within a large world with reference to varying terrains and habitats to explore. It is a sandbox game, where players create the game by manipulating the world within it. There are no specific steps or goals. That is for the player themselves to do. So, let’s review different perspectives of the game.

Minecraft review

Minecraft Pc Review

17,076,695 people have bought the Pc version of Minecraft. In the last 24 hours, 11,145 people bought the game. That is just for the Pc and Mac version only! Can you imagine how big that number is?! Rumor has it that Minecraft pc was the first version of minecraft ever! Many people love pc, people such as Joshua, a fourteen year old minecraft player. “This game is simply awesome  and the most unique,” Joshua states. “I’ve been playing for three years.” others add additional similar comments such as, “One of my favorite games!” and “This game is truly a wonder of game-design.”

Minecraft review

Minecraft PlayStation Review

“Minecraft Playstation edition is a joyous adventure. It was well worth the wait to play it on PlayStation 3.” says Kyle and his twin brother Michael. Since December 17th, 2013, Playstation has been a big hit. In the US  over 70 million copies have been made. Mojang and the designers made nearly $240 million total with reference to all editions, Playstation, Xbox, and Pc being the top downloaded versions. Although we all love PlayStation Minecraft, there are some down parts to the game as well. Many reviewers add how Notch, the creator of Minecraft, was getting lazy. “After Notch struck out lucky with a great idea and had amazing goals set towards Minecraft, he got lazy. All of his goals have been accomplished.” Says Corey.

Minecraft Review in General

Coming from my own opinions, Minecraft is one of my all time favorite video game ever! I love using whatever tool I can to get creative and have a blast online with friends. Others such as Anthony can relate to my thinking as well. “No other video game has released my creativity and imagination like Minecraft.” he begins. “Now, it doesn’t just stand out for it’s amazing way of locking my fingers to the keyboard for hours and inspiring way, but also because of its unique aesthetic.” Minecraft is cool and challenging, which makes it fun! So get wild and creative, becuase do to the other fact that others like you agree that Minecraft is the greatest. So have fun, explore, and let your creativity roar!

Emily plays on Minecraft Server HUB: monman11.com

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