13 Things Only Pro Minecraft Players Know


  1. Wearing mob heads (except wither skeleton heads) can lower your detection from other mobs. Especially useful when you want to sneak around at nighttime. Or you know, just kill them like you usually do.
  2. If you kill a Zombie Pigman with one hit, the other Pigmen won’t chase you. It gets pretty annoying when you have to kill a whole army of pigmen because you killed one of their people. With this piece of information you don’t have to be worried about getting chased by an army of pigmen for killing them.
  3. You can place blocks faster with a speed potion effect. Using a speed potion while building can potentially be a helpful tip if you want to build faster. Just remember you might want to slow down sometimes with moving since the speed does make you move faster.
  4. You can use redstone to make simple tasks even easier or even automatic. Redstone contraptions such as automatic furnaces and farms can help get things more efficient so you don’t have to do them yourself, they’re machines Jimmy, they work for us!
  5. A piston can only push up to 12 blocks. A little helpful tip if you’re planning on making some sort of contraption that involves pushing blocks.
  6. Endermen can’t teleport in a hole that’s 2 blocks deep. Helpful for when you want to kill an enderman and you don’t want it to go teleporting away. Useful to know for mob farms
  7. The sky darkens when you stand on soulsand. Not really any significance to knowing this piece of information but. Hey, did you know?
  8. You can change the color of your dog’s collar with dye. Give your dogs more flash by dying their collar differently. Or to tell the difference between dogs.
  9. You can fall 22 blocks without dying, useful for knowing incase you want to make a player trap (you monster) or mob farms. (witches do not die in 22 blocks, since they have 13 hearts instead of 10).
  10. Pressing F3 + H allows you to see the item ID and durability on weapons, tools, and armor. Useful thing to know and have since you can tell exactly how much more durability an item has before breaking.
  11. Slimes only spawn in Swamp Biomes. Incase you wanted to craft things with slime, especially sticky pistons, this is a very useful piece of information
  12. You can tell the health of a pet wolf by it’s tail, if the tail is down, the wolf’s health is low, the higher the tail, the higher the health. You can heal your pet wolf with meat (even rotten flesh)
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