13 Reasons Why I Play Minecraft

For the overall experience of an open world and having no limits whatsoever, the ability to just do whatever you want however you want, it’s a world of your own, your own “sandbox” as it’s meant to be.

The second reason for me playing Minecraft is because can literally bring your mind’s creations into a virtual reality, building exquisite structures and maybe even some redstone contraptions
It’s fun to your own custom world not just by building things but, by implementing plugins and mods! Or create your own Mods/Plugins which is fun too. Using mods and plugins can enhance your gameplay and push the possibilities even further.

Multiplayer is fun way to interact with others, creating builds together, playing fun mods, or servers with friends that have fun mini games. There’s so much more to it when you have friends around to play with you.

Realms are a simple way to have fun and play with a group of friends, adding and playing your own mini-games or just building/enjoying normal Minecraft without the nuisance of others.

I play because the game doesn’t require a beefy computer to run and can almost run on many computers that don’t have a good processor/graphics card

I also play because I like to try to get competitive and play PvP servers, where you are vs other players in battle.

Online friends are another reason I play Minecraft because you get to interact with people from a whole other part of the world where I can learn what their lifestyle is about.

I’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time now, I’m slightly addicted because the fact you can do what you want, and talk to other people through multi-player servers.

Because I rarely get bored, there’s just so much to do with the mods and different servers with tons of mini games. So you usually don’t find yourself getting bored of the game very often

Easy to learn how to play and doesn’t require a great amount of skill to play, the game concept is pretty simple, just a world you can do anything you want in, you don’t need to know much to do much.

The fact that there is different gamemode choices. From survival and collecting things on your own, to creative a menu full of different types of blocks and items you can use. And, if you want to make things a bit more challenging, adventure mode. There’s hostile mobs you can change settings to, peaceful, easy, normal, and hard mode. They change the damage the mobs give you, or how aggressive they can be. Makes the game play good for beginners, by changing the settings a bit lower to get started.

There’s so many reasons to play Minecraft, it’s just fun doing what you want, there’s also many benefits to playing minecraft as well. Check out this article for more info! 🙂
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